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Agricultural and Industrial Nuisance

Agricultural and Industrial Nuisance

The law recognizes your right to peaceful enjoyment of your property, but often our industrial or agricultural neighbors interfere with this right. Whether it is a processing plant that is polluting your local river or a farm whose animal waste in seeping onto your property, you are impacted by your neighbors’ use of their property. What happens on one company’s private property often has far reaching implications for neighbors and the community at large, whether through air and water pollution, irritating noises, or other nuisances which interfere with the  peaceful enjoyment of your property.  These nuisances can also devalue your property and cause long lasting physical ailments.

Federal, state, and local regulations with respect to these issues are complex and often involve dealing with multiple agencies and government entities, in addition to the private individual causing the nuisance. The science behind these types of interferences is also highly technical and specialized. You need a lawyer experienced in these issues to lead the fight against those companies interfering with your property and wellbeing.

The Middleton Firm has represented clients in cases involving mass animal containment, waste run off, noxious odors, pesky flies, and other agricultural and industrial nuisances. The Middleton Firm has a team of experts ready to assist in determining what is causing the nuisance and what impact it is having on you and your property.  We have taken on [list types of companies sued] to secure results for our clients.